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These 17 Unbelievable Facts Will Change Your Perception About This World. #3 is… Really?!

Some of facts you’ll see here might sound fake, but they are actually completely true.

1. A Banyan Tree near Kolkata, India is bigger than the average Walmart.

Mike Nudelman/Business Insider

2. The city of Chicago was raised by over a foot during the 1850s and ’60s without disrupting daily life.

Wikimedia Commons

3. Bangladesh has more people than Russia.


4. A con man sold the Eiffel Tower (almost twice).

unbelievable-true-facts-4 and

5. There are more synapses (nerve connections) in your brain than there are stars in our galaxy.

Business Insider and Shutterstock

6. There’s a nuclear bomb lost somewhere off the coast of Georgia.

unbelievable-true-facts-6 and

7. Cleopatra lived closer in time to the building of the first Pizza Hut than to the building of the pyramids.

Robert Johnson/Business Insider and and Shutterstock

8. And on that note… The woolly mammoth still roamed the earth while the pyramids were being built.

Robert Johnson/Business Insider and

9. North Korea and Finland are technically separated by only one country.

Megan Willett/Business Insider and Reporters Without Borders

10. In 1986, two people died during a charity event in Cleveland, Ohio because 1.5 million balloons were launched into the sky.

11. Heroin was once used to treat children’s coughs.

unbelievable-true-facts-11 and

12. A man received the highest honor of service from both the Allies and Axis in World War II.

unbelievable-true-facts-12 and and

13. Harvard University was founded before calculus was discovered.

Wikimedia Commons and Shutterstock

14. Alaska is the most eastern, western, and northern state in the United States.

World Atlas

15. There is more time separating Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex than Tyrannosaurus Rex and us.

Shutterstock and

16. A park in Austria becomes totally submerged in 30 feet of water every spring.

Wolf-Ulf Wulfrolf/Flickr

17. THE MONTY HALL PROBLEM: George is on a game show, and he has to pick one of three doors. There’s a car behind one of them and goats behind the other two. He picks door number one. The host, who knows what’s behind all the doors, opens door number two, revealing a goat. He then says to George, “I’ll let you switch doors if you want.” Should George stick with door number one or switch to door number three?
The correct answer is to switch to door number three.


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