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Truly Fascinating Portraits of People Living in the Extreme Cold of the Arctic Circle

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Since 2006, London-based photographer Cristian Barnett has ventured to the icy region a dozen times to document the diverse people who live in those countries-the United States, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia-in order to compile a compelling collection of portraits that he titles Life on the Line.
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Hans Bengtson. Jokkmokk, Sweden. 2010.


Ulyana, Yana, Olga, Simeon, and Hassowako. Yamal, Siberia. 2012.


Lars Anders Hakansson. Jokkmokk, Sweden. 2007.

Lars Anders Håkansson, tanner, Jokkmokk, Sweden. 2007.

Jaakko Ollila. Rovaniemi, Finland. 2006.


Maria Manninen. Rovaniemi, Finland. 2013.

Maria Manninen, fashion student, Rovaniemi, Finland, 2013.

Maria Ivanova. Zhigansk, Russia. 2013.


Matti Härkönen. Sonka, Finland. 2006.


Dorte and Ellen, Greenland. 2013.


Roger Møen. Træna, Norway. 2007.


Chasity Herbert. Fort Yukon, Alaska. 2009.

Chasity Herbert, the newly crowned Miss Fort Yukon, Fort Yukon, Alaska. 2009. 

Pavia Ludvigsen. Sisimiut, Greenland. 2013.


Father Daniel Szwarc. Repulse Bay, Canada. 2010.


Lyuba. Knjazaja Guba, Russia. 2011.


Brett. Kotzebue, Alaska. 2009.


Artyom Fyodorov. Zhigansk, Russia. 2013.

Artyom Fyodorov messing about in a boat, Zhigansk, Russia, 2013.

Pius Putulik. Repulse Bay, Canada. 2010.

Pius Putulik at home wearing his traditional parka, Repulse Bay, Canada, 2010.

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