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Seeing These Famous Places From Above Is Unbelievable. #6 Shocked Me.

Seeing these photos, in the next life you might want to be a bird. The truth is we have a beautiful planet.

1. Niagara Falls

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-1

2. Barcelona

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-2

3. Central Park NYC

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-3

4. Dubai Islands

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-4

5. Maze at Longleat, England

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-5

6. Mexico City

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-6

7. Venice

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-7

8. Amsterdam

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-8

9. Namib Desert

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-9

10. Chicago

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-10

11. Tulip Fields, The Netherlands

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-11

12. Bern, Switzerland

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-12

13. Dubrovnik, Croatia

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-13

14. Paris

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-14

15. Meskendir Valley, Turkey

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-15

16. Shanghai

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-16

17. Capetown, South Africa

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-17

18. Moscow

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-18

19. Athens

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-19

20. Vancouver

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-20

21. Male, Maldives

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-21

22. Seattle, USA

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-22

23. Giza Pyramids

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-23

24. Bac Son Valley, Vietnam

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-24

25. Marina Bay, Dubai

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-25

26. Rio de Janeiro

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-26

27. Terrace Rice Fields, China

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-27

28. Vatican City

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-28

29. Lake in Pomerania, Poland

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-29

30. San Francisco, USA

amazing-famous-places seen-from-above-30
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