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These 5 Prisons Have A Secret. You Won’t Believe It.

1. San Pedro Prison – Just outside La Paz, Bolivia

The San Pedro prison has a hotel, food stands and even hairdressers, but prisoners must purchase their cells. The minimum price is $1,000.

2. Cebu Prison – Phillipines

This is not how a regular day is at Cebu, but in 2010 a group of 1500 prisoners recreated Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. The video went viral and was ranked fifth on Time magazine’s list of top ten viral videos. Prisoners are paid in prison by performing at charitable functions.

3. Kresty Prison – St. Petersburg, Russia

This is one of the world’s most overcrowded prisons. It holds almost 10,000 prisoners, even if it has a capacity of around 1,000 people.

4. Bastoy Island – Norway

This minimum security prison has some of the country’s most violent criminals and it is the world’s first ecological prison with solar panels and produces much of its own food. Norway does not believe in life imprisonment, so all prisoners are eventually released.

5. Fortezza Medicea Prison – Volterra, Italy

This italian prison has beside 150 prisoners, one of the most exclusive restaurants in the country. The food is prepared and served by prisoners after background checks.

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