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14 Things You Didn’t Know About the Twilight Saga

1. The idea for the books came to author Stephenie Meyer when she was dreaming. She also even remembers the exact date of the dream and it was June 2, 2003.


2. Author Stephenie Meyer wanted Henry Cavill for the role of Edward but Henry was 25 at the time, which was too old for the part. He was later cast as Superman.


3. Each member of the Wolf Pack had to prove to producers that they were Native American by showing them their birth certificates.


4. An astonishing 5,000 people tried out for the part of Edward…Only 1 made it.


5. ‘New Moon’ premiered in America on Nov. 16, 2009. This also happened to be when the moon was a new moon in the lunar cycle.


6. Robert Pattinson had no idea what ‘Twilight’ was when he auditioned for the role. He only did it because he loved Kristen Steward in ‘Into the Wild’.


7. After the release of the ‘New Moon’ movie, Kristen Stewart was called upon for jury duty. She was accepted and sat on the panel for a 3 day hearing.

Kristen Stewart walking around at Sundance Film Festival

8. Kristen Stewart’s eyes are naturally green. She had to wear brown contact lenses to play Bella.


9. Taylor Lautner had to wear a wig to play the role of Jacob Black.


10. Before any film started, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg left the entire ‘Breaking Dawn’ script in a Louisiana Bathroom. Lucky for her, one of the hotel workers found it and returned it to her.


11. The first scene filmed for Twilight was in the ballet studio when Bella gets bit by James.


12. The last seen ever filmed was the honeymoon scene in the Caribbean. This was filmed on April 22, 2011.


13. ‘New Moon’ is Robert Pattinson’s favorite book in the series.


14. For the ‘New Moon’ movie, all the members of the Wolf Pack had to go to a ‘Wolf Camp’ to get their bodies in shape and bond with each other.



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