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11 Dogs Who Learned The Hard Way Not To Eat Bees

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Bees don’t taste very good. Do they, dog?

1. “Guysh. Shtop laughing.”

prefix01 / Via

2. “I shought beesh were for eatshing.”

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3. “Sherioushly. Itsh nosh funny.”

prefix03 / Via

4. “I shink the shwelling shtopped.”


5. “No, waish, my fashe ish jusht numb.”

prefix05 / Via

6. “Doesh itsh look bad?”


7. “Oh gosh, shish ish sho embarrashing.”


8. “I can’sh believe shish ish happening.”

prefix08 / Via

9. “Shtop shtaring!”

prefix09 / Via

10. “Pleashe don’tsh shtell anyone.”

prefix10 / Via

11. “Shanks. You’re susch a good friend.”

Flickr: sheri_guyse / Via Sheri Guyse


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